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Our Story

business booming becaue of social media marketing

People are fascinating. I've always loved getting to know people - who they are, their favorite things and what makes them, well, them! My family says I've never met a stranger, and I have to believe that's true! I loved my life as a journalist - I was always meeting new people and learning new subjects quickly - you have to be a quick expert on any story you're working on. It kept me on my toes ... but the hours were terrible! So, I quit journalism and dived into marketing. Marketing allows me to keep getting to know people, but in a very different way. In order to market effectively, you need to know who you're marketing to and what makes them excited! 

Your business needs someone enthusiastic about it. I believe I bring a fresh approach and life to every project I touch. Give me a call, shoot me an email, let's take your business to new heights. 

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